Call it a Day!

Sleeping PrestonIt was creation. God and an angel were sitting on the edge of the universe just enjoying the scenery. God took a deep breath and said. “Look at all the beautiful things I have made. These things are good.”

“I have wrapped them in a 24-hour period. Half will be light, half will be dark and it will keep repeating itself forever.”

“Wow,” the angel said, “What are you going to do next?”

God thought for a minute and said, “I think I’ll call it a day.”

Not a bad name for the 24hr period and not a bad idea. If God took time after creation to “call it a day” maybe we should occasionally do the same.

Years ago darkness would drive people from the fields. They would come home take a shower and spend the evening with the family. They could not bring the field or the cows or the chickens into the house. They called it a day.

Back then men and women would come home from work. They couldn’t drag the office with them. They turned out the lights, locked the doors and came home. They called it a day.

With today’s technology, we bring the office, the field, the cows, the shopping and all the worries of life with us everywhere we go. We drag them to the table and even the bathroom. They follow us to bed.

We never call it a day!

No wonder we are so exhausted, overcome with stress, distress, depression and anxiety. We need to follow the example of the Creator and…

Call it a day!

Oh by the way, My grandson Preston, in the picture above calls it a day two or three times a day! I really like that idea!

Are you able to unplug from the technical busyness of life?

What is your secret?

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7 thoughts on “Call it a Day!

  1. Retirement doesn’t help in the least. The reason is really simple. When we are employed we always say that the projects will have to wait until the weekend. As soon as we retire the week becomes 6 Saturdays and a Sunday, perpetual weekend means perpetual work on that honey do list that we ignored for all those years of employment.

  2. This is a great idea. Technology has so taken over our lives. I am still in the dark ages with my cell phone that is just a pay as you go phone that just makes phone calls. I see so many people that are more in contact with their cell phone, I-pads, etc. than with their family. They have a stronger relationship with them than they do their family. My husband and I go out to dinner and always seeing families together, but each of them have some device they are texting or reading on. So many people now can’t have a face to face conversation as most of their contact is through their devices.
    I agree that I am as busy or busier than I was before retirement, but now I can choose when I do a lot of those activities and I can relax if I am tired.

  3. I “call it a day” by coloring in the evening. It is one of the most relaxing things a person can do, while still being creative. In fact, I enjoy it so much, my husband bought me a monthly subscription for a coloring book series for Christmas!

  4. My new year’s resolution this year was to take a nap every Sunday when I get home from church. That is one I have been faithful to fulfill. Also, every evening I wind down at 7, watch a little TV (picky about shows though–trying to find clean, mindless entertainment is hard-lol) then I go to sleep very early to arise early the next morning to be alone with God, write and then off to work. Idea. If you had your own TV show that aired at 7 pm, you would be the top of my list to watch.