Live in the Moment

Three Steps to Living in the Moment

My wife Diane will tell you that there was a time in my life that I was almost impossible to live with the day before I left for a performance. Everything was so focused on the upcoming event that I did not have time, emotion or energy for the moment.

Live in the Moment
I didn’t listen to what people were saying to me. I was unaware of what was going on around me. My mind had already checked out of the present and was stumbling around in the possible challenges and opportunities of the future event.

I am slowly learning to live differently, learning to savor the journey as well as anticipate the future. Here are a few steps that I have taken to maintain that balance.

    1. Plan further ahead.

How ironic that what keeps us from becoming obsessed with future events is to start thinking about them earlier, planning in smaller, less desperate increments so that there is time left for the moment.

    1. Recognize the true significance of time.

No single event is so important that it should ruin the hours and days of time that precede or follow it. Our lives are the sum total of all our moments. Believe it or not every one of them have equal value. Make the most each one.

    1. Embrace a future bigger than any single event.

I can only release myself from placing too much emphasis on any single project or event if my ultimate purpose is bigger than any of them. I would imagine part of the definition of faith is to trust God’s ultimate purpose for my life above all else. If NOTHING can keep me from his love and the ultimate future he has planned for me, then the only thing that really matters is the moment… this moment…. now!

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