Two Secrets to Survive and Thrive in an Upside Down World.

If the craziness in this “world gone wild” has you feeling helpless and confused this may be a post worth reading.

On a flight from Nashville to Charlotte NC I observed a first class example of corporate inefficiency.  Common sense was nowhere in sight. The world was upside down. Then I saw someone demonstrate the secret to surviving it all.

Our carry on luggage had been taken from us at the beginning of the flight and stored beneath the aircraft.  When we landed we were told to form a line on one side of the jet bridge and our luggage would be delivered to a door near the entrance to that airplane.

The line of people waiting for their carry on luggage stretched from the airplane door, all the way through the jet way and thirty feet into the terminal gate. Finally the baggage handlers began to deliver the luggage, “one piece at a time,” to the tiny little door where we exited the airplane. Chaos erupted.  People at the back of the line were so far away they couldn’t even see the airport let alone see if their bags were being unceremoniously dumped in a pile at the opposite end of the jet bridge.  The jet way was quickly jammed with people trying to spot their luggage, or trying to dig it out from beneath the pile.

Then, one person,

one person with a brain,

one person with the secret to surviving in an upside-down  world, yelled,

“Let’s do this! “

He grabbed a bag and began making his way into the terminal. “Is this yours?” he asked as he made his way.  A woman squeal with delight when she spotted her bag, thanked the man and headed for her connecting gate.  “Somebody grab another one.” the man barked.  A women grabbed a bag and made her way up the jet bridge until someone identified it and took it from her.

Wow! A system was in place. Each person at the front of the line took a bag and headed up the bridge.  A steady stream of bags was being claimed. Within three minutes everyone had their luggage and the jet way was clear.

Human ingenuity had trumped corporate ineptness.

My friend Kenn Kington tells of  getting on an escalator which suddenly stopped.  Hundreds of people just stood there waiting to be rescued until he yelled, “WALK!!!”

In this upside-down world you have only two options.  You can choose stand helplessly waiting for the Government or State or Anyone to rescue you OR you can….

1.  Analyze the Situation!
2.  Do Something!

Those are the steps to thriving in an upside-down world.

Unfortunately the airline seemed not to care. “Isn’t there a better way to do this?” I asked in the middle of the chaos.  “We need to get rid of carry on luggage,” was the agents answer!   I blurted out, “You need to get rid of passengers. Then your job would be easy.

I wish I could say that I was the person who established the system that turned our upside-down jet way right-side up. I was not part of the answer.  I was a smart alack part of the problem.  Funny, maybe.  Helpful, no.  Pointing out that something is upside down doesn’t solve the problem.  Action solves the problem.

What do you see in your world that is upside-down? What do you need to do to make it right?  I encourage you.  Don’t just stand there.  Don’t just moan and complain.   Walk!    Love to hear your comments.