Fifty Ways to Be a Lover!

Someone asked me what words I want to be spoken at my funeral.  My first response was that I want someone to say….. “He moved!  He’s alive!”  But I doubt that will happen.

I think I would want the people who knew me best to say, “He was a lover!” Not in a lover in the classic sense of a ladies man, but I want to be known as someone who loved people.  I haven’t got it all together but I,m working hard to build that reputation.

Nothing is more powerful than love. But how does one become, a lover?  I don’t have fifty suggestions, but I do have twelve

1.    Be patient with people, especially if they work for the airline or TSA.
2.    Don’t try to be better than other people.  Empower them. Help them be better
3.    Don’t be a bragger, except when applauding the accomplishments of others
4.    Don’t be rude!
5.    Keep your eyes open for opportunity bring happiness to others.
6.    Be even tempered.  When you are angry, measure your words. Chill!
7.    Don’t hold grudges.
8.    Forgive effortlessly.
9.    Name evil for what it is, DEADLY, and avoid it like the plague.
10.  Celebrate what is true and beautiful.
11.  Fiercely protect good people and the truth.
12.  Trust and believe in others even at the risk they might let you down.

Philip Yancey recently said that the power of love is most dramatically demonstrated in Hospice where people know that they have only days to live. The currency in a hospice is not influence, money, or power.  It is the number of visitors that a patient has.  Love is what counts when everything else is gone.

Want to be a lover?  I do, but I have a long way to go.  How about you?  I value your comments!

BTW I Plagiarized the 12 ideas above from a best selling book……..   the Bible 1Corinthians 13:4-13