5 Reasons I disappeared from the face of the earth

Diane and me at the Sidney Opera House.

Okay! I broke the cardinal rule of blogging.  I haven’t blogged for over 8 weeks.  I didn’t really disappear from the face of the earth, I disappeared from cyberspace. I  owe you an explanation because you have been so faithful following my blog, So let me bring you up to date.

1. BOOK!   Most importantly I have been working almost continuously writing my new book “Fully Alive.”  Every obstacle I could imagine threatened to derail this project, but I am convinced that this book will be a life changer.  My agent and the Thomas Nelson team believe in this project.  We all  put our shoulders to the wheel and worked around the clock to make it happen.  I can hardly wait until “Fully Alive” is released Keep watching for more information.

A unique phenomenon that had everyone looking up!

2. THE MOVIE!  We are in full swing marketing the limited theater release of the film “Fully Alive.The Erwin Brothers, who just finished filming “October Baby,” did an amazing job shooting our movie. I thought that once the film was in the can the work was over.   I was wrong.  Someone kicked the can (not the bucket) and we have been chasing it ever since.  I am thrilled with the initial response to “Fully Alive the movie”  and look forward to seeing it in theaters all across the United States. Lot’s more about this as the release time gets closer.

3. CURRICULUM!  Concurrent with the movie and the book we have created a curriculum that groups can use to inspire one another to live “fully alive.”   Joy Groblebe and Brian Scheer are heading up this project and Thomas Nelson has unleashed some of their top talent to bring it to life. Keep watching for details.

4. TOUR OF AUSTRALIA!  In the middle of all this we did a 17 day concert tour of Australia.  On the way to Australia we actually lost a day.  Unfortunately it was Sunday.  I had an uneasy feeling that God was not happy because I lost His day!  Australia is a beautiful country with amazingly friendly, happy people and Kangaroos everywhere.  My wife Diane came with me on this tour and if she has anything to say about it, we will definitely be going back to Australia.

5. THE SEARCH!  Since coming back I have been writing constantly and during breaks I have been looking for that Sunday we lost!  If you see it,  please leave a comment as to where I can find it.

One of the many beautiful trees found in Australia

I’M BAAAAACCK I look forward to being here with you again.  I promise to be regular with my blogs.  I hope you will find them entertaining and inspirational.

Can’t wait to hear your comments again.   Got to go. The dog is barking.  I think something is outside the door……   it might be Sunday!


  1. Welcome Home Ken and fam, We LOVE you!! We are greatly looking forward to the release dates of all. Do know have an ETA?

    1. Author

      Carol, Book should be released in June, the movie will be released in March. Hope you enjoy them.

  2. Welcome back. I think I might have found Sunday. As long as God is in your heart Sunday becomes a state of mind and not just an entry on a calendar.

    1. Author

      Roger, I will be contacting you soon. Need your permission to use your story in the book. I love your comment.


  3. So excited for you Ken! Is there anything we can do to petition our local theaters to play Fully Alive? Great stuff with the curriculum! We were just talking about needing new curriculum pieces for our LIFE Group!

    1. Author

      Erica, I am checking with my team on this and will get back to you. A lot of people asking that question.

  4. Maybe 24 of us could each donate an hour of our Sunday so you have get it back :-)))). Can’t wait for the book and movie 🙂

    1. Author


      Thank you. Coming back I gained a Monday. So now I have an extra Monday. But no on wants it.


      1. Oooo – I’ll take the Monday!! If I have two Monday’s I can split them up and have half the stuff that accumulates over the weekend! And I will also have that extra day that I need!

  5. Ken, I had been worried about your absence; I thought I might have offended you when I met you up at Maroochydore and you took me off your list, or maybe the notification my new email address wasn’t received, I’ll resend it. Either way I’m glad it wasn’t just me. It was a good night, thank you for coming to Australia. We’ll be there next time to, just don’t make it too far into the future. Very happy you enjoyed being over here.

    1. Author

      Thanks Stephen,

      I loved Australia. You would really have to go off the deep end to offend me. Don’t give it another thought. SEe you when we return.


  6. I found Sunday! He was at my church two days ago. I wish I’d known you lost him before now!! Boy, was he ever revved up for services. We invited him back next weekend. I’m sure he’ll be there, if you’d like to reacquaint yourself! What a joyous and busy life you lead! It’s good to hear from you, again, and I pray God will continue blessing you and yours!

  7. Hi Ken, I have been so lonely without you :~() So happy to see you back, I thought maybe one us had an odor coming through the computer that offended you or something LOL. I think that Sunday you lost , in somewhere between here, the atlantic ocean, and all those little countries in between, or it committed suicide on the plane LOL. You are such a hoot. I truly enjoy you, so does my 8 year old autistic son John, you, Taylor Mason, and Mark Lowry are his idols. Thank you for what you do Ken, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Bless you and Much Love and Many Prayers, Trisha Salem Va.

    1. Author


      Thank you for your kind comment. It feels good to be back. Still lots of work to do but the biggest part is over.


  8. Ken, did God not give you back that Sunday when you returned to the USA? God still loves you!

      1. that is waaaay too funny you got another Monday! Maybe God is telling you ‘vacation is over…get back to work and I’m giving you another day to get it done it’. I wish I could go to Australia. I love their accent. 🙂 I love my husband and all 10 children; but if I did it over I would go over there to find a husband. I think I would be so fascinated by the accent I would never fight with him 😀

  9. I wanted to say something funny, but no matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t say something funny. None of the other words I tried were funny either. I did laugh when I saw myself in the mirror though. That’s because I had on my glasses. When I don’t, I don’t even see myself in the mirror.

    Oh yeah, welcome back. I noticed that you hadn’t sent a blog in awhile. I mean, after you mentioned it.

  10. Welcome back! I appreciate the gift you give the Church and it’s great to here there’s more on the way! Don’t stress too much about the blog. I had to take a hiatus too, only mine lasted about 8 months! It was the right choice though and I know God’s blessing is coming from it. Watch for the blessings (I bet you see them already)!

    And in regards to finding Sunday, if you wait for juuuust the right moment…I think you’ll find it hiding in Hawaii!

    Blessings Bro!
    Keep up the great work!


  11. WOW….you have been really busy. You deserve a break from this. HOW FORTUNATE you are to have gotten to go to Australia. That is one country I would love to visit. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION and A BLESSING KEN! You TICKLE MY FUNNY BONE SO WELL! God Bless! Lisa 🙂

  12. Missed your updates on life. I don’t always stay up-to-date on your posts but keep them in a file for my “down” days. They’re not quite as funny the 5th, 6th, 7th, time around so I’m glad to see some new posts to brighten my day.

  13. Ken & Diane,
    We received a great photo via David Smallbone of when you were in Australia. 🙂 We thoroughly enjoyed the concert in Toowoomba and look forward to your return. Your welcome to come and visit us in the outback, whenever you’re free.
    John & Sue Phelps

  14. you won`t find Sunday. it`s gone…for good.
    try not to lose another one.
    when will you have another dvd available?
    anything after Under The Influence.
    l could repeat the whole dvd by memory now

  15. Ken,
    Sorry to hear you’ve been unable to blog.
    That happens to folks with age.
    Hoping you are regular soon.
    Try prunes and oatmeal. That always works for me.

  16. Hey Ken!! Thanks for your update; was wondering where you had gone…..and your Sunday…..oh well. Just want to let you know you make me laugh so much. How do you stay that way? Will wait until you come back to Minnesota to see us again!

  17. I am so sorry to hear you lost a Sunday. I thought you might want to know here in Michigan we have one every week and would love to share with you 🙂 The problem is this; they are shorter than normal! I remember as a child how long and boring sitting in church was, then it took FOREVER for Mom to get the yummy smelling meal on the table 🙂 The afternoons were boring because we had already played all week so what was there to do that was fun until suppertime (yeah! popcorn!) We didn’t have TV and we didn’t play games together as a family….oh, those days were so long.
    But here in Michigan, I so look forward to Sundays when the workday stops and we go to church. Sometimes the preaching is so good I am startled when it is over all ready (someones watch must be broken!) Then we have a carry in lunch and fellowship that goes by so quickly. Then maybe time for a nap amidst the needs of the children (we DO have 8 out of 10 still at home…) Then everybody is clamoring for supper and ‘can we watch a movie?’ or ‘will you play a game with me?’ Before you notice, it is over…the darkness has moved in and Sunday is over for another whole week 🙂

  18. Ken any thought to doing animation with Sheep Tales? What a phenomenal program it would be for families. I have been recommending that book to everyone. And I think you end up getting Sunday back along with two Wednesdays, an old Lincoln’s Birthday and an extra Columbus Day due to Leap Year this year…

  19. You came to Australia and you didn’t tell me??!!! Have wanted to see you in person ever since I discovered you as a teen…. I am now in my thirties!

    If you come back, send out a newsletter to all your Aussie fans.

  20. Ken
    Its good to hear that you are back.
    I always get a laugh from your blogs and watching you DVD’S that I have. I hope that i get to see Tobin person one of these times when you make it to Michigan.

  21. Hi – Taryn’s next door neighbor here. Looking forward to “Fully Alive” and getting ready to order “I Want to Live.” Last year you gave me some cds to take to Atlanta to share some laughter in the midst of contageous family dispair. The response was precious and unexpected. The sorrows, anxiety and dispair continue and increase, but I know one key person in the situation asked me about you recently, indicating she still listens to the cd occasionally for a chance to laugh. I’d love to share more of the story with you next time you’re “in the neighborhood.” God Bless You!

  22. Disappearing from the face of the earth is not always a negative. That time can be used to refresh and reflect. I usually disappear to my sewing room with a good project, great Christian music or one of your CD’s. (Lesson learned (again) on Sunday is that the sewing machine does not stop when you finger is under the needle). Glad to see you are back! I have missed you.

  23. Hi Ken,
    Trust you enjoyed your time in Australia. ‘Don Under’ really is the lucky country.
    It was wonderful to meet you when you performed at St Paul’s, Castle Hill.
    Bless you and the family.

  24. Mr. Davis,
    I just saw you on stage yesterday for the Womenoffaith One Day Event in Billings, MT. You made me laugh so hard with your stories and life experiences, and the audience around me were also roaring with laughter. I really didn’t know who you were until I came to the event. Thank you for giving me the gift of laughter and making my day yesterday. Sheila Walsh and Scott MacIntyre were also such inspirations.

  25. Ken… you were such a blessing to me at the Billings Women of Faith event! What a deep well you are, and you share your faith and your humor so well! We loved you there, and after seeing many of your videos, it was great to see you in person!

  26. I just read this blog and because of my own busy schedule, I did not notice that you had been gone for so long. Sorry, good to have you back on my email to read…a bright spot compared to all the other have-to stuff to respond to. I scrolled down and read all the other comments, especially the ones about where your Sunday went. I had a brain freeze and could not respond to that…I feel I have lost more Sundays than you!…for that matter, I feel I have lost the other days of the week, especially when I am ill…not getting anything done but sleep and taking meds to get better…arghhhhhhh! Anyway, looking forward to the movie release. I hear you on our radio at 11:50AM daily. If I am in the car, the volume goes way up so I can catch every word. Yes, you are up there with Mark Lowry in meeting the need of my laughter track for the day!

  27. Australia huh? Are you sure you didn’t just take a long vacation down under? Actually jealous. Now about Sunday…oh I guess I better confess being jealous first! Every day is the Lord’s Day for the believer so get over it! HA! Blessings…

  28. Glad my mentor’s posting again. Hard to model my blog around what aint. What would I need to do to gain a link to you, Ken? While most of my blogs are Iditarod and Alaska life and adventure oriented, I have one category, Soul Trails, that’s about things of the spirit. Please check out Rod’s Blog on the website.

    1. Author

      Rod, If you can change it….. Change “Back ordered” to “Order your copy of the Second printing of Volume one today!” It is not “Back ordered” It sold out because it is a great book. I hope the people reading these comments will order this great book at [email protected]

  29. Just attended Fully Alive the movie…It was terrific..not many people there….Could churches put out brocheres..not very well advertised…plus on the same night as hunger games opened!!! Took 4 people with us who didnt know about it!!!

  30. The Sunday that you lost is in your heart. Ask the L-rd to bring it back. Then wait for His answer. As you seek Him in this process I believe that He has some important things to speak to you. No fear. All that comes from Him is good!

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