Fully Alive in 2010

A glimpse of what is ahead often changes the course of our lives. If you are on the freeway and see flashing ambulance and police lights ahead, you will most likely take a detour to avoid an accident.

The motivating shot. Move Grandpa, so we can see the ocean!

For me it was a glimpse from behind that changed my life. Seeing this flattering picture started me on a two year journey that became a physical, spiritual and emotional adventure that I will never regret.

After many gains and losses, I have finally lost almost 50 lbs, I have maintained that loss and I have found a renewed excitement about every aspect of living. The discipline and resulting vibrance I found in my physical life, also helped me take a close look at my spiritual life. I had become lazy there as well. Thank heaven there are no pictures of that!

Benjamin Franklin said, “Most people die at about 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75.” This last year I feel like my life has been rewound 25 years…

How many chins is that and are your eyes supposed to disappear when you smile?

Instead of 230+ lbs, I am 185 lbs and only 15 lbs away from my fightin weight. I’m off of cholesterol medications, I have great blood pressure and I have been free from depression medication for two years. Instead of looking at retirement I’m getting retreads. I’m ready for another 100,000 miles. Since I bike and run about 50 miles a week, that 100,000 miles will only take me 38 more years. So these tires should last till I’m 100!

I wish I could wave a magic wand so every one of my friends could experience what I have discovered this last year. Since I can’t, please let me pass on just a couple of suggestions that have rocked my world.

Just after receiving the nobelly peace prize.

Set a goal that you cannot reach without changing your life.

For me this was signing up for a mini triathlon that would require swimming 200 meters, biking 9.5 miles and running two miles. My idea of a triathlon was to run to the bathroom, get in the tub, pull the plug, fight the current, pump up my bike tire and then go back to bed. BUT working toward the goal changed me forever. I finished the triathlon and beat all but two of the men in my age group and many men much younger than me. Now I can tie my shoes without breathing hard, if I can just remember where they are.

Don’t be the same this year as last year. Set your goal and go for it.

A new grandpa who may be around for awhile.

Get some friends who care about you to take the journey with you.

God did not mean for us to live life alone and He certainly didn’t expect us to fight battles alone. I have enlisted some friends who want to live disciplined lives and be everything God created them to be. They range in age from 9 to 65 and we inspire one another. We call our selves GAG. “Geeks Achievers and Geezers”

Find at least one friend who wants to step out of the rut and live life with you. Press toward the goal you set together.

Ask God to do the greatest miracle in life.

Ask Him to give you the power to change, not just physically but in every area of life. A changed life is God’s greatest miracle. That will mean you experience blood, sweat and tears, but those are the signs you are alive. I was born in 1946. I was born again in 1956. For the last several years I have been lying in state. In 2010, I am living “Fully Alive.” Let’s do it together.

Download my free message “Fully Alive” here. I look forward to hearing about your journey in the comments below.