Two Steps to Recharging Your Life

As I look forward to this summer at the cabin I decided to repost a blog from the summer of 2012. It describes one of the many times God spoke to me through his breathtaking creation. I hope you enjoy pondering these points again – or perhaps for the first time…

I was sitting on the porch of our Colorado cabin looking out at the 14,000 ft peak of majestic Mount Princeton. After a hurried week of traveling, I could feel energy trickling back into my soul.

An extraordinary source of Power!

When we first arrived we discovered that all the recreation vehicles had dead batteries.  I took them to a shop where the dealer said they should sit quietly on a shelf to accept a charge of “new life” if you will, from an external power source.

Now it was my turn to recharge – as I sat quietly looking at the mountain. I closed my eyes and could feel that trickle of energy that comes from the power source that created it all.  I could almost hear God’s voice give me instructions.

1. “Be Still”

2. “And know that I am God”

Since I was already feeling renewal, I thought, “I will write a blog about being still.”

So I hurried into the cabin,

– grabbed the computer,

– hurried back outside,

– connected to Word Press

and took a picture of myself with the spectacular view of the mountain reflected in the cabin window behind me.

Just before the levitation!

Then I levitated about three feet as lightning hit less than a hundred yards from our porch.

I disappeared into the cabin without my feet touching the ground.   I heard a still small voice say, “What part of ‘Be still’ don’t you understand.”  So I sat quietly and watched in awe as the magnificent storm passed.  I heard the “I am God” in the earthshaking thunder and I let it sink in.  Perhaps tomorrow would be a better time to post my thoughts. So here I am.

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Two steps to recharging your life.  Or you can choose a bolt of lightning which can lead to overcharging.

Do you find it hard to be still?  Can you remember a time when you were still and felt the power of the creator recharge you?  As always I look forward to your comments.[reminder]