Learning a Lesson the Hard Way

Can it possibly be Lighten Up Monday again? Today’s clip is about the day I crashed a perfectly good airplane on a perfectly calm day. The story will remind you of two truths which could be good life lessons OR you might just enjoy a good laugh. Either way have a nice week!

1. A perfectly good flight can be ruined by a bad landing.
2. Sometimes its better to simply answer the question that is asked.

You be the judge!

Pace Yourself

kd6.28.17In a long-distance race, it is important to pace yourself. I joined the track team in high school and trained to run 800 meters—about half a mile. On the day of an important track meet, I was ready to go.

This was a special day because my girlfriend was in the stands. I confess, I had never spoken to her, but I wished she was my girlfriend. And winning this race might have attracted her attention and her affection.

The “Naked” Truth About Social Media

Does social media keep us from flesh and blood relationships?

This post is evidence that I enjoy and take advantage of the positive benefits of social media, HOWEVER, a few weeks ago I posted this picture on my Facebook page along with the following text:

Every soul at the gate isolated & absorbed in a device. I could’ve been naked and no one would have noticed.”

The picture and text must have touched a nerve because I received over 120 comments.

Then I got an insightful and thought provoking photo from follower, Joe Caggiano. Please read further to see Joe’s photo and my deeper comments on the issue of social media.

I promise that I am fully clothed in all photos!!