Mooooove Out of the Way

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Time for a smile or two to start the week. Question: What happens when you mix grandchildren, a 2000 lb. cow, and a drive across Kansas in the middle of the night? Answer: A miracle!

[youtube id=”08W34CQxY9g”]

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip comes from Ken’s DVD, Under the Influence!


  1. I heard this story on the radio and have been looking for a video to hear it again. Do you have it on DVD?

  2. We always played I spy with our kids thru the sandhills of Nebraska. We didn’t even have wheat fields.
    Our son saw something green and yellow. What? Where? He can still see it, so we didn’t pass it.
    (a bug splatted on our windshield) now that was a good one.

  3. You brighten my days with your humor derived from your comedic experiences. Thank you and thank God for you.

  4. I really enjoyed your clip “How About That Airport Security, Eh.” I would like to share an experience. My wife and I went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon and took an escourted ride to the Canadian side of the falls. While there, my wife saw a cranberry cream pitcher in a shop window and purchased it for $15.00 US. Our tour driver told us “When we get to the border crossing if anyone bought souveners, tell the guard you paid less then $100.US. The guard ask and my wife responded she had. The guard then ask “How much did you pay?” My wife replied, “Less than $100.US.” the guard thought she said $110.US. After a few go rounds of trying to convince the guard our driver finally told the guard it was under $100.US. The guard released us. Our driver and others on the van got a big laugh out of it, however, my wife was a bit upset!! The key word here is: UNDER

  5. I was going through a difficult time. I read in a christian book that laughter was good medicineI felt God was telling me to laugh –. I decided to try it, I found Ken Davis on you tube, and I was laughing. Amazing, I didn’t think I could laugh. Glory to God! This ministry is great.

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