5 Life Lessons Learned from a Triathlon


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On the 16th of May I competed in my sixth triathlon. It was one of the toughest I have done.

This year I ran with two friends who deeply inspired me.

There is something about confronting physical challenges that brings to the surface lessons that serve us well in every day life.

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A Simple Rule for Surviving Holiday Temptations and Thriving in 2015

iStock_000007612906MediumOne of the principles that has allowed me to enjoy the benefits of losing 47 lbs came from my wife’s Weight Watchers group. They ask their participants to write down every thing they eat BEFORE they put it in their mouth. “Write it before you bite it” is the motto.  It is amazing how much we eat without even thinking.  Try to remember what you ate yesterday. I guarantee that unless you wrote it down, your estimate will be way less than you actually ate. When we “write it before we bite it” it allows us to make a judgment call on both the consequences and the benefits of what we are about to consume.

That got me thinking.

Unhook and Don’t Crash!

shutterstock_107970386Recently, I became aware of an unhealthy habit that was undermining my efforts to eat right, stay fit and enjoy a healthy life. Like the invisible fish and birds in a recent post, the habit was hidden until caring friends helped point it out.

Unhooking from this one habit has made a huge impact on my weight loss efforts and fitness goals. Here’s the one habit that was impeding my efforts to stay healthy and live fully alive, and here’s what I did to unhook from it.