Are we losing our minds?


Okay, here’s another rant. I think we have lost our moral compass if not our minds. In a single issue of USA Today I read two stories that make me wonder. A middle school in Maine has decided to provide prescription birth control to the mostly 11 to 14 year old children who attend there. And get this; parents must give permission for their children to participate AND THEY ARE DOING IT!!! The article goes on to say Seattle, with a similar program, has seen “limited concern or dismay” in making contraceptives available” to these children. Read the article here. Evidently someone has decided that it is less of a hassle to give contraceptives to a child than to instruct them in the benefits of abstinence.

Another article in the same issue details a study in San Francisco aimed at establishing safe havens for crack heads and heroin addicts to shoot up in private cubicles without fear of arrest. Read more. Evidently the city would provide a health official to be nearby in case of an overdose. Part of the twisted logic to support this insanity is the argument that shooting up at the cities expense will cut down on the number of dirty needles left lying around.

What’s next; private booths where you can secretly and legally eliminate someone you don’t want around anymore? One could argue that the practice would cut down on empty shell casings littering the streets and lower the risk of bystanders being shot.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by all this. For years it has been legal to privately and legally take the life of an unborn child whose continued existence might prove inconvenient.

If all this doesn’t sound like the usual upbeat message you find on this blog it’s because I believe that sometimes before we can lighten up we have to wake up. We must demand a stop to the insanity around us. If we don’t, our children and grand children might not live in a society that will give them much reason to lighten up and live. But they will have contraceptives!


  1. It scares me to see just how much we are relenting to however the world wants to orchestrate our lifestyles. What ever happened to keeping God and HIS morals in the country. I know thats a naive and stupid question, but as a “young person” in this life, it hurts to watch my peers get cheated of a real upbringing.

  2. Ken,
    I agree along with you of the horror of what I am seeing as reported in those articles. But we also must be careful in how we react to it. The BEST way, I would advocate, to respond, is to not “fight” the battle in the secular world, but to reinfoce what should be taught within the Kingdom. Our Church leaders should be teaching parents to insist they and their children not participate in those programs. I dont’ think we ever, nor should we try, to conform the Worlds Patterns to God’s Law. That is not what Romans 12:2 tells us. But we SHOULD NOT conform to the patterns of this world, and this Truth is sadly not being taught and reinfoced enough within the Church, meaning the Body of Christ!!!
    Your Brother In Christ,
    Ken L.

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