Do It!

dark bearIf you ask people what they believe they will often be willing to drone on for hours about what they say they believe. But really there is no reason to ask. If you want to discover the beliefs or character of a person you only need to take one action.

Watch what they do!

What a person believes has little to do with what they say and everything to do with how they behave…. what they do.

Picture yourself walking down a path at night.  A large Labrador retriever approaches you on the path.  It’s too dark to tell what it is, but you believe it’s a bear.  Your brain will send a text to your feet. “There’s a bear!”  At this point it doesn’t matter whether it’s a bear, a piece of cardboard or your own imagination,  If you believe it is a bear your feet will not argue with your brain. Those little feet will burn a hole in ground, moving you in the opposite direction.

How does this apply to you and me?

It is so important remember that it is not what you say that defines you and your beliefs.  What you do is the most accurate indicator of who you are and what you believe.


  • If you say you believe something
  • If you are passionate about a decision you need to make
  • If there is a dream you believe you need to follow
  • Stop talking about it

DO IT!    

One final word of wisdom, amazing wisdom.

It is better to run from a piece of cardboard you think is a bear than to walk into a bear you think is a piece of cardboard. –  Just one of the Ken Kommandments.

[reminder]Have you ever watched people act differently than what they say they believe?  Is there something you need to DO to match what you say you believe?[/reminder] As always I read and value your comments.


  1. I see a lot of people that act differently then what they profess as their beliefs. Then I look in the mirror and see an old guy with no teeth who must be reminded, daily, that he too makes those mistakes and is no better then the tax collector praying at the alter.

  2. Just look at the comments on Facebook. People profess Christ on one side than will put something disgusting on the other. WOW! Thank you for the blog. I need to re-exam myself praying Search me oh Lord. Every closet of my being, show me where I have compromised my Walk. AMEN

  3. Yes, so true. It reminds me of the fact that I lost 35 lbs, when I remembered that “I am not a fat person-it is not who I am” My house is clean and organized, after I remembered a slob is not who I am. When I fail in my Christian walk, I must not lose sight of the fact of who I am in Christ. If I sit there in my failure and let it define who I am; then, I have just made mockery of all He did for me. I must look up, see my Father’s face as He picks me up again, dusts me off as we continue on. Then I must remember that in Christ I am the blessed, beloved, chosen, redeemed, risen, child of God, heir of royalty, and proclaimed saint (by His proclamation). Not because of any good thing I have done; but by everything Christ did for me, in me, and through me. I by faith believe in His Name, accepting all He did for me and all I am in Christ–then I just do it. Thank you Ken as always a great message.

  4. I always find that those who profess to be the biggest church goers, biggest do gooders, tend to miss the needs right in front of their face. I just delt with two people who are extremely involved in their church but their behavior was far less than the Christians they profess to be. Saying it is easy, showing off is easier, but being silent and doing good works for the sake of good not reward is really where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

  5. I’m believing there is a “bear’ in the Whitehouse that has the convictions of a piece of cardboard.

  6. I heartily agree with you. Emails are a good example. Ask
    yourself, that email you’re about to send on, would you forward it to Our Lord
    also? I ask and I’m surprised at the increased number of deleted emails.

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