Silence Isn’t Golden!

Silence Isn’t Golden!

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  1. Communication is sooooooooooo very hard between any two people…especially husband and wife. We need to be humble, good listeners, forgive, and as you say “lighten up”. You have awesome teaching on how to communicate better! And we all do need to laugh more! Thanks for all you do Ken!!

  2. Ken, as a single mom to a 17 year old son who has Asperger’s disorder…when he and I get into a disagreement and he is being non communicative I usually say a line from one of your videos or one of the John Wayne or other movies we have watched many times. Sometimes he does it first. Usually I’ll see a grin and then we’ll both share a giggle/grin with each other. One of our favorite lines usually revolves around going somewhere the other one doesn’t want to go to….like school…I’ll do the line by Gimling(sp) the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings…”Small chance of success, certainty of death…what are we waiting for?!”. If that fails one of us will usually say “what we need here is a do over” and we go back to the point we were at before the conversation headed in the wrong direction.

    1. Connie, Sounds like you are a very patient and loving mom. AND a good communicator.

      1. Thanks for the encouragement! I have to tell ya I’m actually not that patient…but God is using my son to work on me. I’m a “real” person and get just as ticked off as any parent can. Keep up the good work!

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