How About That Airport Security, Eh?

Happy Lighten Up Monday! A funny memory with my good friend, David Ring – we were going through customs in Canada and you know how I feel about airport security! Enjoy!

[youtube id=”k8UvEt1ZLHs”]


  1. I love your airport security jokes. The few times that I have flown I remember them along with other comedian’s jokes and am laughing to myself because of them. I probably look like a crazy person laughing to myself but hey it helps take the lighten the stress of flying. It is fun to do people watching in the airport though.

  2. I remember hearing your story about David … It is tremendous…. It could be listened to many mucho times… and never lose its dramatic humor… I cracked up… and I really needed a laugh…
    David is a trooper ..and I have heard him several times… What a blessing he is… and so are you !!…Glad that you are friends… Super twosome !! :>)

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