Interview vs Conversation


MOST of the time, this is not my favorite use of time. Today I spent several hours on the phone and enjoyed it!

AND I discovered why.

I dislike interviews because so many are simply a list of questions. The interviewer asks a question and no matter what my response, without comment or reaction the interviewer goes on to the next question. This can be particularly difficult if HUMOR is the topic. BUT TODAY it dawned on me. A good interview is a conversation.

Chris Watkins from WBSA in Boaz Alabama started today’s interview with, “hey I am just a on old southern country boy so if you don’t understand something I say just ask me to repeat it.” We proceeded to have a great honest conversation punctuated with laughter and insight. All of the information that he wanted was revealed as we talked and laughed together. It wasn’t an interview it was a conversation. I need to remember this when I am speaking to my wife, or you, or a friend, or an employee.

I am not alone. Very few people like to be interviewed. Everybody enjoys a great conversation. So if we meet on the road somewhere………… TALK TO ME! By the way, I never understood a word Chris said!

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