Praying “boy and dog” caption winner!

6a00d834958b7053ef011570620070970bMany of you enjoyed the post with the picture of the praying boy and dog. I received a number of suggestions for captions in the comments section and by e-mail. My decision was influenced by the fact that I have been on the planet for 62 years and have been yelled at for 60 of those years about putting the seat up! I have also owned more dogs than I can remember who took advantage of the situation when I forgot. That’s why I chose this caption and that’s why I never let dogs lick me.

The winning caption is:

Boy: Dear God, I pray that I remember to put the toilet seat down after I am done, so momma will be happy with me.

Dog: Dear God, please, please please let the boy remember to leave the toilet open so I can get a drink.

Posted by:
Jessica Ellenberger

Jessica, Here’s proof that what you say is true. Send me an address and the new DVD “Together again for the first time” is yours.



  1. Bravo! And again I say Bravo! I had alot of fun with this assignment. I hope we can see this kind of thing again, Ken. Did we ever know where the original photo came from? If we were told, then I’m afraid I laughed it from my memory…

  2. Hi, this is my sister’s picture, she took it for a Christmas card a few years ago, and we laugh everytime we see it posted at another site with a new caption! I was trying to see other captions sent in for this, and can’t find them, is there a link that I’m missing to see them? She needs a good laugh-someone else copyrighted the photo and has threatened her not to use it, and the whole thing is making her sick.

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