What to do with your 5 minutes of fame.

In the last few weeks I have done several television and radio interviews that seemed like prime opportunities to promote Ken Davis Productions and the programs that we provide. All of them were positive experiences, but each of them taught me new valuable lessons about these short and important opportunities.

1. Know exactly what you want to accomplish and the points you will use to get there.

Being there just for exposure is not enough.

People die of exposure.
People get arrested for exposure.

Don’t just plan to ramble about humor in a down economy.
Be prepared to show three ways to keep your sense of humor in a down economy.

2. Keep everything short and crisp.

In my first television interview, I tried to illustrate the first point with a l o n g story. Time ran out. I never got past point one or the story. Five points in a three minute segment isn’t going to cut it.
Give them two and send them to your web/blog site for the rest.

3. Get them to your web/blog site.

Let them know at least once, and twice if you can, that there is SOOOO much more on your website. (make sure there is)
www.kendavis.com Say it.
www.kendavis.com Ask them to Say it.

4. Have fun.

Get your point driven home and have fun doing it. If you have been crisp and crystal clear there will be time to banter with your host.

These opportunities don’t come along every day so make the best of them.

Tomorrow “praying dog and boy” caption winner will be announced!


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