Smell Test

You made it to another Lighten Up Monday! One of the reasons I love my wife Diane so much is that she makes me laugh, she doesn’t even have to try. A short vacation, a defrosted refrigerator and a spoiled carton of milk led to this episode…
[youtube id=”U6ieinE1ths”]

This clip was taken from I’m Not Ok – for more info or to purchase, click here!


  1. Long story short:
    Replace the milk with a piece of Hickory Farms summer sausage, and have our four year old niece be the one to make the discovery, and we’ve got almost the same story!

    We had a dorm fridge we kept in our bedroom when we lived with my wife’s family. We could keep snacks for ourselves in there and not have to worry about one of the BIL’s laying claim to it. At one point, thinking the fridge was empty and wanting to save my inlaws a little on their electric bill, I unplugged the fridge. Roll the calendar ahead a couple of MONTHS. Niece Haylee and her family come for a visit. Haylee likes to play in our bedroom, because it has the other TV in the house and she can watch cartoons while the big people talk in the family room. We hear a little tiny voice say, “What’s in HERE Aunt Beth?” And suddenly there’s a stench that we couldn’t even blame on the dog if we’d had one! Haylee’s voice, near tears, “Oh AUNT BETH!!” and she runs out of that room like … well … like she’d smelled something dead.

    Sausage went out in the trash, the fridge went out on the back porch. We never did get the smell out of it. Did manage to sell it though.

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