Kiss Your Chance Goodbye

Well, it’s another Lighten Up Monday! This video is a perfect example of why I worry about our attachments to digital devices these days. I think we’re all guilty of becoming addicted at some point or another. Be sure you watch the clip all the way to the end…


  1. Yup, WAAAAY too addicted to our “Digital Binkies”!!
    That guy is in SO much trouble. I’d seen part of this before but it always cut off BEFORE the Mascot came and did what he did. The husband deserved everything he got.
    What is really sad is even after his wife was GONE, he STILL had NO CLUE as to WHY!!
    We all truly NEEEED to be more present. More Fully Alive in the moments of our lives! Thanks Ken.

  2. He lost a moment in time that he will never have with the lady ever again. Everyone, as soon as your wake up spend it Jesus Christ in prayer, Praising, Thanking and asking for forgiveness. Every day is a present. Say hello to your love ones and tell them how much you care for them.

  3. Wow, that was sad….He really had NO clue….I hope he gets it figured out. There is MORE to life than cell phones, tablets, TV, etc. Even computers 🙂

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