Hi friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday! If you’re ever bored, you should try this!

[youtube id=”q5fhxCAyTbA”]

This clip taken from God Wants Your Body. For more info or to purchase, click here.


  1. Thanks for the memories… I worked in K-Mart’s Ladies Wear Department for a summer many years ago and had a couple “talks” with the mannequins, thinking they were customers.

    I was moving a mannequin once when the bottom fell off. I was surprised to see it had underwear on. A few customers that were watching were also laughing.

    I was in a department store a few years ago, just walking along, when I looked at a group of mannequins and noticed that one was a boy about 10 years old— he slowly looked at me and smiled, then took off. I stood there chuckling.

    Fun stuff!

  2. When I was a youngin, someone gave my dad a mannequin. He was going to dispose of it but before he could, it was our turn to have prayer meeting at our house. My mom didn’t want to have a mannequin in the living room for the service so she put it in the bathroom. I was sitting close to the bathroom door and I can tell you there were some uncomfortable members that night and a lot of ,”Oh, excuse me.” I was blowing up inside with laughter but I knew better than to let it out.

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