Those Two Little Words

Hey, Wake up!┬áIt’s Lighten Up Monday! Sometimes the behaviors that limit us are complex and require time and counseling to resolve. Other times we are just avoiding the obvious and prolonging the agony.

In those moments we need to follow the advice of Bob Newhart. This makes me laugh every time I watch it. It also makes me pull up my big boy pants and get on with life!

[youtube id=”Ow0lr63y4Mw”]


  1. Oh my! Ty for the Monday morning laugh Ken. A great msg. And a big laugh from one of my favorites. God’s continued best to you and your ministry!

  2. I’ve referenced this sketch often. Could be why I’m looking for my next pastorate. Guess I could just STOP IT!

  3. Ken Davis!!
    THAT is Hysyerical!!

    Keep up your great, gifted and anointed work for Him! You are THE Best!

    And whatever you do: Please “Don’t Stop”!!

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