David Ring: The Right Attitude

Well wouldn’t you know it.  It’s Lighten up Monday again. This story about my good friend David Ring still makes me laugh.  If you enjoy it you can check out some of David’s material here.

[youtube id=”k8UvEt1ZLHs”] This clip taken from A Wimpy Prophet. For more info or to purchase click here.


  1. Oh my gosh Ken, I haven’t laughed that hard on a Monday in ages! (One day maybe I can see you AND your friend! He sounds like a great guy!)

  2. I am a student of Liberty University Online and recently watched an message that David gave at TRBC in Lynchburg, VA. I can say he is a great speaker and hope to one day see him live. I loved your story and it was great to have a good laugh on a Monday.

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