Three of the Hardest Words in the English Language

Three of the Hardest Words in the English Language

Three words might have made the difference, but rather than say those words he decided to try to separate his private life from his public life. It didn’t work. It never does. His private failure affected his public performance and his career plummeted.

If only he had summoned the courage to say three words.

A woman with a natural gift for business found herself heading a large corporation. They called her a natural-born leader. But it wasn’t long before her responsibilities outdistanced her competence.

She tried to compensate with micromanagement and the corporation began to flounder. She lost the respect of her management team and labor force. Never during her tenure had she dared to utter the three words that could have saved her and her company.

I had a gifted young man on my team. He was intelligent, competent and trustworthy but there were three words he was afraid to say. To him those words signified weakness. If he ever uttered them it might cost him his job.

He was wrong!

He began saying the words. He began to learn how to be better at his job. Those words saved actually saved his job and made him an even more valuable member of the team.

Three words!

These are real situations. and I still believe that saying three words could have made a difference just as they did with my valued teammate.

What do you think the three words are? How do you think they make a difference? I will answer both questions and share how they changed my live in my next blog post

What do you think the three words are? Perhaps you are thinking of three words that are just as important. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. As usual, Ken, we never know for sure what you may be thinking!!
    Uhmmmm………………dunno, but I will say that I peaked to the bottom of the blog, before I read it, to see what the three words are and you did the “til next time” thing. I think you were on to me!! LOL

  2. According to Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb “I need you” (according to a google search)

  3. Before we can seek forgiveness or help we must see ourselves as we really are and that only God can change our heart. As we look into our own self-exalting, covetous hearts; we need to begin with these three words. “Lord, forgive me”. If spoken with a heart that is sincere, then we are ready for Him to guide us to repair whatever damage we have perpetrated by our own failure.

  4. “I am sorry” or “I was wrong” or “Please forgive me.”

  5. These are some good responses….my top guess is “God, help me” followed by “I am sorry” and “I don’t know.”

  6. I don’t know for sure what the three words were, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t, “Pass the bacon.”

  7. ‘I need help’, would be on top of my list except there is no
    ‘please’, always have a please and a thank you.

  8. I think “I need help,” is the answer. My 2nd choice is “I need you.”

  9. How about “I love you” or “Forgive me, Jesus” or “Help me, Jesus.”

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