Where are You Going?

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    1. Larry, I wanted it to be a parable, but I got lost on the way! Thanks for reading and for your comment.

  1. I am glad I am not the only one that is directionally challenged. – I can to to someone’s house two or three times and I still have to ask the wife, now how do we get there? But then I work in Atlanta – Peachtree Road, West Peacthree, Peachtree Center……

    1. I am trained in survival techniques and In a forest or jungle I can find my way in the dark and have done it on several occasions. On highways, I am a basket case.

  2. my lost story has become family legend. My entire family decided to vacation on Cape Cod a few years ago. My mother decided to ride with me from Long Island, a decision she will never make lightly again.

    Cape Cod apparently is in Massachusetts but my car had other ideas on where it wanted to go. Apparently, when trying to get to this particular vacation destination, there is a four leaf clover sort of turn off a main highway and if you don’t take the correct turn, which of course looks like all the other turns, you end up in Rhode Island. In fact, there is a charming sign that says, ‘Welcome to Rhode Island.’ I ended up seeing that sign six times and my mother laughed so hard we had to find a rest stop.

    The only way I got to the vacation house was to try and go to Rhode Island and then I ended up in Massachusetts. Now whenever I mention I got lost somewhere, my family always says, “Were you in Rhode Island?”

    1. Pat, I have been to Rhode Island. I went there trying to visit my friend Sarah Lee Perel in Cape Cod.. (-;

  3. I’ve been there Ken. I mean I’ve really been there! I drive down 52 a few times a week. I was near there today. Im sure Ive been on Douglas trail too! A agree also that we need to know where we are goin and how to get there…and focus on that destination! Let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith Hebrews 12:2. Thanks again Ken so much for your ministry. Marty from Litchfield MinneSNOWta (Still looking for spring!)

  4. Just for your info. The link to your book , “Lighten up!” takes me to a dead end. So now I AM LOST. I’d like to read the book. Going to Amazon for help. 🙂

  5. Thanks again Ken for all you do for the Kingdom! I’m gonna read Fully Alive again. Try to really apply it to my life. My wife and I are planning on seeing you when you come to Glencoe, Mn. in May! Marty from Litchfield MinneSNOWta

    1. Terry,

      Wives can spot the ignorant card because they use them too! Thanks for your comment.

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