Live Until You Live Forever or Die Early and Get Buried Later – It’s Your Choice

An Unforgettable Story of an Unquenchable Spirit

This is an e-mail from my “terminal” friend Roger Mateer today.
 “I saw my doc this morning. He says my brain is still failing as is my body, yet I’m still doing better than I should be. He said I should continue hunting and having fun. He was impressed when I showed him the water buffalo I got on my hunting trip. Before we left the picture was shown to most of the staff as an example of what happens when someone believes that the word terminal means go out and live!”

“Go ahead and post this if you think it could help others dealing with the word ‘terminal’.”  

This is Ken Davis saying that in one sense we are all “terminal.”  This story will inspire anyone who is breathing. If you’re not breathing don’t read any further.

A Little Boy, a Big Truck and 3 Lessons about Faith

IMG_5588I can count on one hand the number of people who have profoundly affected my life. Alan Maxwell is one of them.  Alan is a successful businessman, with a huge heart, a generous spirit and a desire to serve God.  When he told me this true story, I knew I had to share it with someone.  Who better than you?  Read all the way to the end.  You’ll be glad you did.

Easter Tribute to Johnny Hart


Bobby Hart, Me, and Johnny Hart, creator of the cartoon strip B.C.

This is a tribute to a talented man who showed incredible kindness to me and inspired me to speak boldly of my faith in Christ.  His name was Johnny Hart.  He was a nationally syndicated cartoonist, creator of the popular comic strip B.C. and co creator of WIZARD OF ID.  I had admired him for years.

Throughout his career Johnny found creative ways to share his personal faith and some of his controversial views through his cartoons.  Although his faith and his opinions attracted criticism he courageously submitted his work major newspapers and those who believed in him continued to publish it.  Imagine my surprise when he and his wife showed up at one of my shows. Please read to the end.

How the Best Face the Worst

Valentine-Card3-190x253The words jumped at me from the computer screen. Stage IV ovarian cancer!

Robert and Bobbie Wolgemuth have been personal friends for years so when we learned that Bobbie had received this serious diagnosis our hearts went out to our friends and our prayers began in earnest.

Over the last two years the cancer has gone from discovery to treatment and from remission to recurrence. Bobbie is now undergoing more chemotherapy and an experimental clinical trial. 

I hope your prayers will be added to ours for God’s miraculous intervention.  However…  The spirit and faith of Bobbie Wolgemuth has not wavered. Her life is changing my life and the lives of almost every person she meets. She is one of the most positive people I have ever met.  What makes the difference?