Confessions of a Love Sick Dad!

It’s lighten up Monday! In this clip, I talk about  life’s bottom line to 11,000 adults and a stage full of teenagers. Enjoy!

The central message of the Bible is the Creator of the universe telling us, “I love you.” His central message to us is, “Show love to each other.”

Without love there is no life.

Is there someone you need to say,”I love you” to?
How have the words “I love you” changed your life?

Generational Synergy! Imagine the Possibilities!

Generational Synergy! Imagine the possibilities!

At the crossroads of wisdom gained from experience and exuberance that springs from youth, you will find progress. Ken Davis

Nancy Reagan told a story of how President Ronald Reagan was once challenged by a college student who said it was impossible for Reagan’s generation to understand his.

You grew up in a different world,” the student said. “Today we have television, jet planes, space travel, nuclear energy, computers. …”

Three Steps to Eliminating Explosive Emotional Buildup!

matchWhen I was speaking with Women of Faith, I listened as Nicole Johnson spoke about emotional explosive gases that had built up in her life. One day she couldn’t find a sock that she knew she had put in the dryer.

Suddenly there was an explosion of rage and frustration.  This was not “Sock Anger,” she explained.  The missing sock was  only the match that ignited the real anger that had been building for years.

Remember the old saying “The straw that broke the camels back?” It really wasn’t the straw broke his back.  It was the unbearable weight that accumulated before the straw was put in place. Have you ever exploded and wondered why?

Ten Guidlines for Resolving Conflict

The wife screamed at her husband:  “Leave!!  Get out of this house!” As he was walked out the door she added, “And I hope you die a slow and painful death!”  He turned around and replied, “So now you want me to stay???”

Every married couple has disagreements. Conflict is a part of any relationship. If you are in a marriage where there is no conflict. One of you has passed away.  The couple I mentioned at the beginning of this post are not however good examples of how to disagree.

Here are ten important guidelines to remember as you resolve conflict.