Do You Have the Key?

This may be a peak at what your future can be.

This may be a peak at what your future can be.

If I were asked, “What is the key skill needed to succeed in today’s crazy world?” I would give my answer without hesitation.  Whether I was talking to a person who wanted to be a professional communicator, a parent, a preacher, the CEO of a major company, a salesman, or a budding entrepreneur the answer would be the same.  They all need the same key skill in to succeed

Two Skills Every Preacher, Teacher, and Speaker Should Have

This Conference is almost sold out.  Register today! Use code DAVIS and save $200

This Conference is almost sold out. Register today! Use code DAVIS and save $200

Question:  What is the one “ability” that every person in ministry should never stop developing?

Answer:  “Communication!”
“Whew!  Thanks Ken.  I think I’ll write that down.”

Question:  How many really great communicators do you know?
“Um, give me a minute Ken.  Um.”

Answer: YOU could be one of them!

Question:  Who beside ministry persons need to develop their speaking skills?

Answer: Teachers, professional communicators, bloggers, leaders, sales persons, writers, and anyone who has something to say and wants to say it with confidence and power.

Question: What two Skills do all great communicators have in common?

Four Commitments of Dynamic Communicators

This is a guest post by Jeff Goins, a recent student at our Dynamic Communicators Workshop.  He is also a blogger and active on Twitter and Facebook.  Jeff’s experience exemplifies what happens at DCW and why, even if you don’t speak in front of people for a living, DCW can be a life-changing experience that effects every area of your life.

DCW Class of 2011

The last morning of the Dynamic Communicators Workshops, we all sat, waiting for the final session to begin. We had finished giving our last speeches and were well rested, finally free from anxiety.

One of our instructors, Stacey Foster, took the stage with a commanding presence and brought it all home for us: “God wants to use you more than you want to be used.” We all raised an eyebrow, wondering what, exactly, he meant.

He then began to tell us why this all mattered. Stacey started to preach.

Six Little Facts to Help you Bite your Tongue and keep you from Biting the Dust

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was about to step to the platform to address an energetic audience.  I was talking with a friend about the content of my presentation when the event coordinator interrupted our conversation.  He dismissed my friend with a demeaning comment and asked, “Are you going to wear “THAT” outfit  to the platform? His eyebrows were raised in obvious disgusted annoyance.  I was wearing new jeans, a shirt and a sport coat.  It was the jeans that incurred his wrath.

His condescending tone flipped a switch deep inside my soul.  My response was instantaneous, clever, profoundly logical, and……… totally inappropriate,  but my lips were already moving and I spit the words out with vengeance.