5 Reasons I disappeared from the face of the earth

Diane and me at the Sidney Opera House.

Okay! I broke the cardinal rule of blogging.  I haven’t blogged for over 8 weeks.  I didn’t really disappear from the face of the earth, I disappeared from cyberspace. I  owe you an explanation because you have been so faithful following my blog, So let me bring you up to date.

1. BOOK!   Most importantly I have been working almost continuously writing my new book “Fully Alive.”  Every obstacle I could imagine threatened to derail this project, but I am convinced that this book will be a life changer.  My agent and the Thomas Nelson team believe in this project.  We all  put our shoulders to the wheel and worked around the clock to make it happen.  I can hardly wait until “Fully Alive” is released Keep watching for more information.

A unique phenomenon that had everyone looking up!

2. THE MOVIE!  We are in full swing marketing the limited theater release of the film “Fully Alive.The Erwin Brothers, who just finished filming “October Baby,” did an amazing job shooting our movie. I thought that once the film was in the can the work was over.   I was wrong.  Someone kicked the can (not the bucket) and we have been chasing it ever since.  I am thrilled with the initial response to “Fully Alive the movie”  and look forward to seeing it in theaters all across the United States. Lot’s more about this as the release time gets closer.

3. CURRICULUM!  Concurrent with the movie and the book we have created a curriculum that groups can use to inspire one another to live “fully alive.”   Joy Groblebe and Brian Scheer are heading up this project and Thomas Nelson has unleashed some of their top talent to bring it to life. Keep watching for details.

4. TOUR OF AUSTRALIA!  In the middle of all this we did a 17 day concert tour of Australia.  On the way to Australia we actually lost a day.  Unfortunately it was Sunday.  I had an uneasy feeling that God was not happy because I lost His day!  Australia is a beautiful country with amazingly friendly, happy people and Kangaroos everywhere.  My wife Diane came with me on this tour and if she has anything to say about it, we will definitely be going back to Australia.

5. THE SEARCH!  Since coming back I have been writing constantly and during breaks I have been looking for that Sunday we lost!  If you see it,  please leave a comment as to where I can find it.

One of the many beautiful trees found in Australia

I’M BAAAAACCK I look forward to being here with you again.  I promise to be regular with my blogs.  I hope you will find them entertaining and inspirational.

Can’t wait to hear your comments again.   Got to go. The dog is barking.  I think something is outside the door……   it might be Sunday!