Can You Say These Three Important Words?

I need help! This will make more sense if you first read my post “Three of the Hardest Words in the English Language,”  written last week.  In that post I proposed three common scenarios where “Three Words” could possibly have changed the outcome.

I also included the story of a young man who learned to say those words early and often. His wisdom helped him build stronger relationships and establish an exciting career. Here are what some of you guessed the words might be.

  • I am sorry
  • I was wrong
  • God help me – These ARE very good words, but not what I was thinking
  • Pass the bacon –  There’s a life-changer for you!
  • I love you
  • I’m sorry, no
  • I need you
  • We’re not lost

and my favorite…..

  • I don’t know!

All of these are valuable words. Most of you guessed the exact words I was thinking of,

“I need help”


  • Those are the words that helped me recover my health when I was 60 pounds overweight.
  • Those are the words that helped me face moral failure in my life.
  • Those are the words that brought me to faith in Christ.
  • Those are the words that brought healing when I was drifting mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Those are the words that have saved

  • addicts
  • broken marriages
  • alcoholics
  • men and women facing depression, and
  • people facing spiritual darkness

So why are we afraid to say them?  Because we believe these lies of pride.

  • I will look weak
  • I will lose respect
  • I can do it by myself
  • I don’t need anybody

Do you remember when your child came to you and said, I need help?  My guess is that you held not an iota of disrespect, or feeling that your child was week.  Their request indicated a willingness to learn and grow. It was sign of maturity.

My mom use to say, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”  The fact is you CAN’T talk with your mouth full, especially if it is full of pride.

Until one swallows his pride he cannot say “I need help!”
If the CEO in last week’s post had asked her workers and associates for help she would have discovered a wealth of information that could have helped saved her company.  Think of how empowered her team would have felt.  Imagine the possibilities that could have arisen from the synergy of the group and the admiration her team would have had for her management.

Had the performer been willing to say, I need help he might have had a chance to salvage both his personal life and his public career. Think of all the fallen “stars” today who refused to ask for or receive help.

How many marriages end unnecessarily because no one asks for help until it is too late.

On the contrary.

Only the strong can say, “I need help.”

Only the wise say it early and often.

Only those who lean on the help of a wise and loving God experience life, Fully Alive.

Only those who ask for help and take advantage of the strength, wisdom and experience of others approach full potential.

need help sig with border

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

This image was used to design one of the most popular t-shirts on our site. After decades, people still ask for it.
[reminder] What has been your experience with asking for help? And how do you respond when someone asks you for help?[/reminder]