Know the difference between a CM1 and a hearM1

A sweet women approached our product table at Legacy Five’s Memorial Day Celebration. After looking everything over, she asked, “Do you have any CM1s?”


Our staff kindly responded that we didn’t have any CM1’s. They had never heard of a CM1. Neither had I. At that point the lady declared, “I have five of Ken’s CM1s.” My sister likes the hearM1s, but I like the CM1s. Suddenly I understood. There were two kinds of products on our table. DVDs (see em ones) and CDs (hear em ones) Once we understood the language that was being spoken we sold several CM1s.

The best selling book “The five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman is based on the premise that even married couples must discover the “love language” of their spouse and use it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are loving, preaching, selling DVDs or cars, training puppies, or training children. Excellent communicators know that if you want to communicate you must have a grasp of the language your audience speaks.