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Launch Your Dreams into Reality

Each year we watch dozens of people achieve their dream of a speaking career. Have you ever wondered “How do I get started?” The answer is the Launch Conference.

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Do You Have the Key?

If I were asked, “What is the key skill needed to succeed in today’s crazy world?” I would give my answer without hesitation.  Whether I was talking to a person who wanted to be a professional communicator, a parent, a preacher, the CEO of a major company, a salesman, or a budding entrepreneur the answer would be the same.  They …

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Two Skills Every Preacher, Teacher, and Speaker Should Have

Question:  What is the one “ability” that every person in ministry should never stop developing? Answer:  “Communication!” “Whew!  Thanks Ken.  I think I’ll write that down.” Question:  How many really great communicators do you know? “Um, give me a minute Ken.  Um.” Answer: YOU could be one of them! Question:  Who beside ministry persons need to develop their speaking skills? …

Four Commitments of Dynamic Communicators

This is a guest post by Jeff Goins, a recent student at our Dynamic Communicators Workshop.  He is also a blogger and active on Twitter and Facebook.  Jeff’s experience exemplifies what happens at DCW and why, even if you don’t speak in front of people for a living, DCW can be a life-changing experience that effects every area of your life. …