Five Super Powers of Effective Leaders!

Foto 18 t025Did you know that I once played the role of Superman?   Recently I ran across photos taken 30 years ago from a short film we made promoting positive leadership qualities for youth leaders.

Whether you’re a CEO, a parent or a mentor of any kind, I think you will find this post both fun and helpful.  It’s kind of a cross between Throwback Thursday, Lighten up Monday and Factual Friday.  Enjoy the following photos illustrating five super powers of effective leaders.

This House Guest may be Stealing your Life. Take it Back!

shutterstock_173796380Years ago I invited a guest into my home who began to affect my most valued relationships almost from the beginning.  He was handsome, a novelty and a little old fashioned.  He was a square…  box that is.

Over the years his appearance changed from square to flat. He became noisier, more colorful, and grew in influence.  From morning until night he blathered about everything.

In the beginning his opinions and behavior were limited, but slowly he morphed from being educational and entertaining, to providing offerings that ranged from banal to disgustingly immoral.  He has stolen much of our lives. Here’s how you can get it back.

Living Outside the Box Returns: Doing It When You Don’t Feel Like It

secret to living fully alive

Rise up and Walk, Run, Live!

Three years ago I wrote a post entitled “Living Outside the Box. Doin it When You Don’t Feel Like It.”

The comments on that post inspired hundreds of people, me included.  Many of you are new to this site and I would love to get your input.  Based on the response last time, your comments will brighten the day of more people than you can imagine.  Enjoy, and please leave a comment.  

Dead or Alive? The Choice is Yours!

PrintA woman looked out the window of her home and was horrified to see her German Shepherd shaking the life out of the neighbor’s pet rabbit. Her family had been quarreling with these neighbors; this was certainly going to make matters worse.

She grabbed a broom and ran outside, pummeling the pooch until he dropped the rabbit now covered with dog-spit—and extremely dead.

What was she going to do?