A Simple Rule for Surviving Holiday Temptations and Thriving in 2015

iStock_000007612906MediumOne of the principles that has allowed me to enjoy the benefits of losing 47 lbs came from my wife’s Weight Watchers group. They ask their participants to write down every thing they eat BEFORE they put it in their mouth. “Write it before you bite it” is the motto.  It is amazing how much we eat without even thinking.  Try to remember what you ate yesterday. I guarantee that unless you wrote it down, your estimate will be way less than you actually ate. When we “write it before we bite it” it allows us to make a judgment call on both the consequences and the benefits of what we are about to consume.

That got me thinking.

Stinkin Thinkin!

skunkA recent article by David Burns in Psych Central identified the top ten types of “Stinkin Thinkin;” negative ways of thinking about ourselves that diminish the quality and potential of our lives. I was astounded to discover that I have occasionally entertained some of these destructive thoughts.

It was refreshing and helpful to see them identified. Out in the open, these patterns of thought can be recognized and more effectively dealt with. Here are four of the top ten types of “Stinkin Thinkin” and how I am resolving to eliminate them from my thought process. See if you recognize any of them.

“What If” you Brainstormed your Life?

shutterstock_113199550A little boy sat in art class. On his desk was a blank sheet of paper.  The art teacher stared at his paper for a moment and asked, “What are you drawing?”

“A cow eating grass.” the boy answered.

“Where’s the grass?”

“The cow ate it.” the boy explained.

“Ok, where is the cow?”

“She ran away.” the boy said handing her his paper.

What ever happened to our imagination?

Three Actions that can Make You Visible

KD Find the fish and bird blogThere are two fish and two birds in these pictures. They are almost invisible. If you want to make a difference in the world, you have to be visible. Today’s post identifies three actions you can take every day to be seen and to make a difference in your world.  PLUS  If you find all four creatures, and identify the three actions that make a person visible, you could win a $50 gift card to my online store! Details on how to qualify are at the end of the post.